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How To... Find my Vauxhall Paint Code

One of the most common questions we get here at Vauxhall Accessories is - How do I find my Vauxhall Paint Code? There are many reasons you may need to know what your paint code is.... Stone Chips, Resprays or when painting a new Spoiler to match the colour of your car.

So here's how to find it...

Paint Code Location

You can find your Vauxhall Paint Code by looking on your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate which is fixed either to the pillar behind the driver's door, the pillar behind the passenger door, or on the top of the panel in front of the radiator when you lift the bonnet.  Recent Vauxhall models, such as the Insignia, Astra J, Zafira Tourer will have this plate located on the passenger side of the vehicle, older models such as Corsa C, Vectra and Signum have this plate on the driver's side.  Whatever the age of your Vauxhall you will find the plate in one of these locations.

Chassis plate showing Vauxhall Paint Code

The code is normally 3 digits long and can consist of numbers and letters. The circled image shows the important information you will require. The paint code in this instance is 20R and searching the Vauxhall Touch Up Paint Pens category will show this paint to be Black Sapphire.

It is important you make sure you select the correct code before ordering. To view the full range of Paint Scratch Repair options take a look using the link above, where you can narrow down by Colour or search using the paint code you have found using this guide.

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