Safety and Security

  • Fire extinguisher with strap - 1kg

    Fire extinguisher with strap - 1kg

    Class ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher with 1 kg capacity - Steel body - Automatic operation (height 310 - ø 85). With strap and pressure gauge. Instructions on device - Comes with a fixing support and strap.
    Price: £26.36


  • Belt Cover - All Vehicle Models

    Belt Cover - All Vehicle Models

    Easy to use. No tools required; just wrap it around the seat belt, fasten your belt, then slide it into the position that suits you best. Its padding provides maximum comfort and is perfect for protecting the skin from abrasion caused by friction.Easy to...
    Price: £10.58


  • Fire Extinguisher 50 Seconds

    Fire Extinguisher 50 Seconds

    Intended for motorists, boaters and caravanners. Space-saving due to its small size, it can be kept in the glove box, the empty pocket, under the seat. It extinguishes all types of fires. No risk of explosion not pressurized. Discharge time: 50 sec...
    Price: £86.42