• AutoGlym - Window Cleaner 5 Litre

    AutoGlym - Window Cleaner 5 Litre

    Features Quickly cleans glass, acrylic, perspex, plastic and other non absorbent surfaces Smear free, crystal clear finish Silicone free Benefits Quick and easy application saves time and effort Ensures a flawless window treatment to enhance customer...
    Price: £34.79


  • AutoGlym Express Wax 5L

    AutoGlym Express Wax 5L

    Rapid sprayable high gloss wax for use on wet vehicles Features: Easy sprayable application onto wet vehicles Imparts a brilliant smear free finish on all exterior surfaces Protects paintwork from everyday environmental elements Attractive fragrance Safe...
    Price: £41.99


  • AutoGlym Wheel Protector 300ml

    AutoGlym Wheel Protector 300ml

    Autoglym Wheel Protector keeps your wheels gleaming. Autoglym joined forces with their motorsport partners to develop the ultimate solution to the problem of brake dust. This wheel protector is a hydrophobic, durable barrier which minimises brake dust...
    Price: £13.80


  • AutoGlym Magma 500ml

    AutoGlym Magma 500ml

    Your vehicle is under constant attack from airborne contaminants. Many of these are tiny particles of iron that appear as specks on paintwork and brake dust on wheels, dulling their shine. The active ingredients in Magma turn red as they react with these...
    Price: £13.56


  • AutoGlym Odour Eliminator 500ml

    AutoGlym Odour Eliminator 500ml

    Odour Eliminator is a complex chemical formulation that seeks out odours and neutralises them. Spray your mats carpets and seats to neutralise unpleasant smells. We always recommend a thorough clean with Interior Shampoo to remove the source of any...
    Price: £10.80


  • AutoGlym GT85

    AutoGlym GT85

    Recommended and used by the cyclist, DIYers, tradesmen and mechanics, GT85 PTFE Spray is the everyday essential for cleaning, maintenance and just getting the job done. GT85 is a versatile, multi-purpose spray, which makes it ideal for use in all-over...
    Price: £4.20


  • AutoGlym Glass Spray

    AutoGlym Glass Spray

    A super-fast and convenient cleaner specially formulated for frequent use. Glass Spray is a super cleaner free of abrasives, waxes, silicones and leaves no residues. Ideal for all glass, glass substitutes, mirrors, plastics, paintwork and screens used in...
    Price: £8.40


  • AutoGlym Pure Shampoo 1L

    AutoGlym Pure Shampoo 1L

    Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo 1 Litre easy to use with a safe pH neutral formulation, Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo 1 Litre will give you back your squeaky clean paintwork. Its rich foam quickly breaks down and removes everyday contaminants from your vehicle,...
    Price: £11.04


  • AutoGlym Hi-Tech Finishing cloth

    AutoGlym Hi-Tech Finishing cloth

    Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth. With its unique construction of microfibers, this cloth has excellent absorbency and helps makes your job easier.Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth Extra InfoThe Hi-Tech cloth can be washed after use.Unique microfibre...
    Price: £10.80


  • Combo Cargo | Combo Life Privacy Shades


    Combo Cargo | Combo Life Privacy Shades

    Genuine Vauxhall Privacy Shades. High-quality shades provide privacy for passengers seated in the vehicle and block sunlight to help keep your car cool. Easy to install and tailor-made to fit the windows of your Vauxhall, these shades are specially...
    Price: £65.48


  • Charging Cable Storage Bag – Mode 2/3

    Charging Cable Storage Bag – Mode 2/3

    Genuine Vauxhall Charging Cable Storage Bag Compact case featuring the Vauxhall logo. Comes as standard with your Corsa-e. Description Storage bag for hybrid or electric vehicle charging cable (6 m). Supplied with a pair of gloves. Black fabric bag With...
    Price: £49.08


  • Back Seat Cover

    Back Seat Cover

    A suitable cover for rear seats. Very hard-wearing and a perfect fit for your vehicle, these covers will protect your seats effectively from day to day wear.
    Price: £43.92